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Look Whoo's in the Spotlight

Recognizing the volunteers that help make Oak Creek Elementary great!

Candi Barbour - September 2018


Our volunteer spotlight this month is our Reflections Art Contest Coordinator; Candi Barbour. Candi has a 2nd grader here at Oak Creek and works full time during the day. Over the past three years she has met some amazing people by helping with the prep, set-up and working the annual Jog-A-Thon and co-chairing the National Reflections Art Contest.

Candi said, “I wanted to volunteer as mush as possible as I wanted to be a part of making it possible to have the PTA events available for the students. Without volunteers PTA events would not be available. I also enjoy working with the faculty and other volunteers as we all have a great time and want to make Oak Creek the best for our children.”

Thank you Candi for juggling all you do in life and making it possible for our school to hold a Reflections Contest this year!

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