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Look Whoo's in the Spotlight

Recognizing the volunteers that help make Oak Creek Elementary great!

Hamy Hoang - December 2018

Our spotlight this month is one of our newest volunteers, Hamy Hoang.  The International Food Fair was a huge success this year thanks to Hamy and her other co-chairs/volunteers.

Hamy has 4 children in grades 3, 7, 10, and a college student at UCR and had a career for 22 years at a company in Irvine as a Sr. Accounts Specialist.  One amazing fact about Hamy is that she is a 4 year 2x breast cancer survivor.  Definitely a person to admire!

When asked why she volunteered for the PTA Hamy said, "I'm interested in giving back to my community.  My daughter loves that she can see me and be a part of her school.  I've enjoyed getting to know my community of moms and it's a wonderful feeling that I can use my background of service to help!"

Thank you to all of our volunteers, like Hamy, that make all of our programs a success!

Brandon Harris