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Coco Iv - March 2019


Our spotlight this March is on Dr. Coco Iv – one very busy parent! Co-owner of Willow Spa in Santa Monica, Dr. Coco Iv has an extensive background in the healing arts. Since 2003, she has maintained a chiropractic practice and co-founded Willow Spa with Dr. Jill Uechi. Together they have been successfully nurturing spa guests with an array of holistic face and body treatments utilizing the most sustainable, natural and effective products. Coco is also co- assistant director of A2Z Health Massage School - Santa Monica.

Coco has helped the PTA with hospitality in the past and most recently, as chair of the 5th Grade Girls Night. Coco is incredibly talented, creative and easy with which to work.

We asked her the following questions:

What made you want to volunteer for the PTA?
“I volunteer because I know even the littlest time that I can offer is the greatest gift I can return to the school and will directly impact those who invest hours in my child’s education and development.”

What benefit have you gained through volunteering?
“I have enjoyed volunteering over the years as it has allowed me to be on the school campus and see my daughter interact with her classmates and teachers. I do hate to admit that my days and hours are consumed by work, so volunteering at my daughter’s school not only gives me that mental break from work but I also hope that she sees my interest in her school and can look up to me as a role model of who I want her to be when she grows up so she can make that same impact and know what effect it has.”

Thank you Coco for giving us of your time and talents! It’s parents like you that make our school great!

Kristi Smemoe